How to buy airtime and transfer funds on your phones without internet.

Information is power. Time and time again we have heard it resonate through our ears that it has become a cliche, yet the familiarity of our minds to this statement is not enough to guide so many out of the stone age and bring them into the information age. Life can be so simple if we get ourselves acquainted with the simple ways of doings this. So many people have their phones in their hands yet they cross from one express road to the other in search of recharge cards and when you ask them why they cant recharge online, the response you get is “I dont have an active data bundle” Well, I want o let you know that you can recharge your phones, recharge other people’s phones, transfer funds, check your account balance and your BVN status and more on a phone with no internet connection in the easiest ways possible.

Guaranty Trust bank’s simple banking makes it easy to do much more even on a phone with no internet connection. All transactions are done using USSD codes and the whole process is completed in less than 10 seconds! Can you believe that?

With GTBank simple banking, no need to worry about poor data services anymore because you don’t need data services anyway. Lets look at the various ways we can accomplish transactions on Guaranty Trust Bank’s simple banking.

Recharge your phone:

>>Simply dial *737*amount#   e.g *737*1000#

Recharges a friend’s phone:

>>*737*amount*phone number# e.g *737*1000*080300000222#

Self Top up data

>>Simply dial *737*4# on your phone and follow the prompts

To transfer funds to other GTB accounts:

>> dial *737*1*amount*account number# and follow the on screen prompts. For example *737*1*2000*1234567890#

To non-gtb accounts

>>dial *737*2*amount*account number# and follow the on-screen prompts
This transaction will require the last four digits of your gtb naira mastercard and the maximum amount you can transfer per day is 200,000 naira.

Check your account balance:

You can check your account balance on the go. Simply dial *737*6*1# and follow the prompts

It must be noted however that the phone number used to perform this transactions must have been registered at the point of account opening with GTB. Simply put, it is the number that receives SMS notifications for transaction on your guaranty trust bank account. This to me is an added security measure in case someone already has the last four digits of your gtb mastercard.

So what are you waiting for? Stop paying extra charges on airtime when you buy from local retailers, start buying online after all, that is the whole essence of cashless society. For more information on this, click here. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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