Passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Exam in one sitting

The Cisco Certifieid Network Associate (CCNA) exam is one of the highly sort after exams out there. Cisco are aware of this and have over the years, put in place a structure that constantly reviews it, just like other Cisco exams, making sure that new questions are added while older ones are removed. Having the CCNA certification validates one’s ability to configure and manage medium-sized routed and switched networks.

pass ccna in one sitting

Some of the topics covered in CCNA include introduction to IPv6 addressing, IP addressing, Variable Length Subnetmask (VLSM), WAN, introduction to wireless, static and dynamic routing, NAT, and security via the use of access control lists (ACLs). Without disregard to other Cisco exams, CCNA is by far the most important because it provides the foundation upon which every other Cisco certification can be achieved.

In order to ensure that certified candidates remain current, Cisco designed their certificates to be valid for three years. Certified professionals are expected to take an upgrade exam before the expiration of their certificates to have the validity period extended for three more years, or recertify at the expiration of the current certification. Because of this, already certified professionals who are already working in organizations are always faced with the issue of recertification. Expectedly, most of these professionals who are good at their job, find it difficult scaling this huddle. Can we now say that their inability to pass the recertification exams disqualify them from administering Cisco devices? Of course not!

I believe that while passing the certification exam can fetch you the job, learning on the job and improving yourself will keep you on the job and even fetch you a better one! That is why I am here to help with the latest cisco exam preps, from the engine to the exam file, at no cost. The engine will be downloaded and installed. After that, add the exam, and practice till you are ready for your exam. The exam files will be update on weekly bases to make sure that you pass in just one sitting.

Drop your email address in the comment box on this blog to get a link to my Google drive, where you can download the exam engine and the files. Exams referred to here, are limited to CCNA, CCNA security, and CCNA voice. For CCNP exams, go to the CCNP submenu.


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