How to perform Mikrotik routerOS firmware upgrade

The Mikrotik routeros firmware upgrade can be done to improve the performance of the routerboard while solidifying the overall security of the device. Most users are familiar with the Mikrotik routeros software upgrade but only a few care about firmware upgrade. In this post, we will look at the Mikrotik RouterOS firmware upgrade, why it is important to upgrade it and how it can be upgraded.

According to Wikipedia, a firmware is a specific aspect of a computer software that controls the working of a hardware. It can therefore be said that the firmware creates the operating environment for the operating system to thrive. A clear example is during the installation of an operating system, the firmware, which is held in non-volatile memory, provides the controls that guide and direct the installation process of the operating system. In a nutshell, without the firmware, the operating system (routerOS) cannot be installed.

Is Mikrotik routeros firmware upgrade important ?

Some of the reasons given for firmware upgrade include bug fixing and the addition of features to the router. As vulnerabilities are discovered in devices, manufacturers must device means of fixing these vulnerabilities even though these devices have been shipped to consumers. Since a firmware is proprietary to the manufacturer, it often contains an executable code which, with the aid of an internet connection, triggers an upgrade through the downloading of the most recent version of the firmware held on the manufacturer’s server.


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How to perform Mikrotik routerOS firmware upgrade.

Performing the Mikrotik routeros firmware upgrade is very easy and straight forward, if you know what you are doing. First, you have to make sure you have a stable internet connection and that your router has been configured for internet access. It must have a dns server IP address configured and as such, should be able to resolve domain names to IP addresses. Then, issue the command below:

/system routerboard firmware upgrade

You will be asked if you really want to upgrade the firmware, type yes and proceed. After the upgrade, the system will still be on the current firmware version until a reboot is done. See image below for guide in GUI.

Mikrotik routeros firmware upgrade


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