How to upgrade a Mikrotik routerOS license key.

The Mikrotik routerOS comes in various license levels; ranging from level 3 to level 6. The capabilities of a device running level 3 routerOS varies from those of a level 6 routerOS device. For example, while a level 4 routerOS device supports wireless AP mode, a level-3 routeOS device does not. This and other features like number of supported hotspot users, are some of the features that may necessitate a license-level upgrade on a Mikrotik router. In this piece, I will share with us the steps involved in upgrading your routerOS from one level to another.
Mikrotik routerOS upgrade
Image showing Mikrotik a router

Once you identify the need to upgrade your routerOS license, the process is simple and straight forward. The first thing to do is visit, click on account and create an account, if you do not have one already.



On successful login, click on “purchase a RouterOS license key
At the point, make sure the Mikrotik device whose routerOS license you want to upgrade is on. On the device, go to system>>license and copy the software ID.
Choose the license level to purchase, select type  and enter the software ID for the device.Click on add to cart and on the subsequent page, click on proceed to checkout. You can pay via authorized credit cards or Paypal.


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