Mikrotik VLAN with mutiple DHCP servers

If you desire to know how to set up Mikrotik VLAN with multiple dhcp servers configured for the VLANs, this post is for you. After reading this post, you should be able to configure VLANs on a Mikrotik router and configure dhcp servers for all your vlans.

I have had some of my readers reached out to me, requesting that I make a post on implementing multiple dhcp servers. Although I have earlier written a post on how to set up vlans on Mikrotik routers, this post will include both vlan and dhcp configuration.

Network Topology

Vlan Configuration

The first step is to creat a bridge and add the trunk interface to the bridge. The trunk port is the port connecting to your managed switch. The commands are given below

 int bridge add name=trunk

 int bridge port add bridge=trunk interface=ether1

int vlan add name=sales vlan-id=10 interface=trunk

int vlan add name=HR vlan-id=20 interface=trunk

Assign IP addresses to Vlan interfaces.

IP address add address= interface=sales

IP address add address= interface=HR

DHCP Configuration

This is where we will configure two dhcp servers for the two vlans created in the steps above. We are only going to configure two dhcp servers here because we created two vlans. See commands in the steps below.

ip dhcp-server> setup

Select interface to run DHCP server on

dhcp server interface: sales

Select network for DHCP addresses

dhcp address space:

Select gateway for given network

gateway for dhcp network:

Select pool of ip addresses given out by DHCP server

addresses to give out:

Select DNS servers

dns servers:

Select lease time

lease time: 3d

Repeat steps for Vlan20 (HR)

We can verify this configuration with the ip dhcp-server print command

At this point, all that is left is the configuration of your managed switch. There, you will create vlans and assign access ports to vlans. The port connecting the the Mikrotik router must be configured as a trunk port for traffic across all vlans.

Note that there are many ways to implement vlan on Mikrotik and the method discussed in this tutorial is known as router on a stick.

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