5 Best internet service providers in Port Harcourt.

With my years of industry-proven experience in the networking industry, I have found out that most users don’t know what to expect from their ISPs. This has been a major reason why most companies end up with below average ISPs. Today, we will look at five best ISPs in Port Harcourt.

5. MTN
I put MTN at number five because it is available for corporate  and home users. Service is available in most part of Port Harcourt, the cost of subscription is cheaper when compared to Glo. The down side to using MTN is that the cost of equipment is high, the uptime is low when compared to the 98% acceptable uptime, and the support is poor. You have a problem on their link, it takes a whole day for them to send a support engineer. This is because the management of MTN BTS has been contracted to a third-party company. So you call MTN and MTN calls a third-party company before you get the needed support.
4. Coollink

Coollink comes in at number four for me and the reasons are obvious; equipment cost is cheap, subscription cost is cheap, links are on microwave point-to-point which reduces the possibility of interference, and if you find yourself in remote areas, don’t worry, coollink has got you covered through their V-SAT service from Yaclick. The down side is that the coverage is in few places, the radio is ubiquiti, which provides fewer channels and increases the chances of interference, support is not good enough as the company operates from an office that is outside Port Harcourt and if you are going for V-SAT, cost of equipments is on the high side.

If you are looking for a broadband internet for corporate  use, and you have got the money, then glo is the internet of choice. With fibre and microwave options, glo has got you covered. The services are available almost everywhere and the availability is sure up to, if not above 96% uptime. However, during downtimes, you will struggle to get updates fron their NOC. Also, the cost of subscription is on the high side and so is the cost of equipments.
2. Vodacom

At number 2 is Vodacom. A major player in the ISP business in Port Harcourt with services everywhere. Vodacom connects you through license microwave radios as well as their V-SAT if you are in a remote area. Uptime is well above 96% and does not get affected by interference. Downsides to using Vodacom are high cost of equipments and subscription and having to purchase a higher pair of radios when upgrading say from 5Mbps to, say, 10Mbps.
1. Internet Solutions Nigeria (ISN)

This ISP is like a diamond in the rough. Most people don’t know much about it in Port Harcourt even though it’s a household name in Lagos. ISN provides 98% uptime, dedicated and uncapped internet with last mile on microwave. Cost of equipment is very cheap, no purchase of equipment needed when upgrading, provides 24/7 support and 15 minute on-site policy- this means that it does not take them more than 15minutes to get an engineer to your office when there are issues. They also have monitoring devices that notify them about the status of their customers’ links. This is why they call the customer first before the customer calls them to complain. Downsides to using ISN is that the service is not available everywhere in Port Harcourt and the cos of V-SAT like we all know is usually expensive. The good news is that the major areas are well-covered.
So, there you have it. Consider this before you subscribe to any service provider’s network.

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10 thoughts on “5 Best internet service providers in Port Harcourt.”

  1. You are biased. Vodacom is Number 1. I wont be surprised you are riding on their infrastructure. Notwithstanding i salute your benchmark. Necessary factors were put into consideration.

    • As much as this topic is not within the scope of the topic under consideration,I will oblige you. An enterprise network architecture entails that you design your network using the cisco hierarchical model; the core, the distribution, and the access layer, and making sure that each of these layers has redundant connection to the other. The core becomes the backbone of your network, the distribution layer handles routing, while the access layer takes care of network access. By doing this, you will greatly enhance convergence time and ease troubleshooting. For more info on this, you can send me a mail.

    • @Yomi,I left out those two ISPs for a reason:their services are mostly capped and are not usually for enterprise consuption. The five ISPs listed privide unlimited,uncapped,and dedicated internet for home and corporate users.


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