How to recover your Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoins are in hot demand across the globe. In 24 hours, an average of 240 million dollars worth of bitcoins are traded. A Bitcoin has gone from less than a dollar per a bitcoin in 2009 to over 750 dollars per a bitcoin in 2016 with e-commerce giants like Amazon accepting it as a medium of exchange. With the increase in value and demand for bitcoins comes the need for adequate security measure against criminals who are out to hijack your bitcoin wallets.  See how to secure your bitcoin wallet. A lot of security measures have been put in place by blockchain to secure your wallet against unauthorized access as well as to grant you access to your account in event that you forget your wallet password, wallet ID, the email linked to your wallet, lose the phone number linked to your account or your google authenticator.

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Setting up the backup security phrase is highly necessary when signing up for a bitcoin wallet at blockchain as it will be required during a recovery process. The backup security phrase is made up of twelve words each assigned a number. You are to write down the words on a sheet of paper and keep it safe. If you can not access your account as a result of any of the reasons listed above, please follow the steps below:

>>Click on view options just below the “sign in” button on
>>Choose the option that represents your case, for example “I have lost my wallet password”
>>Enter the twelve words that make up your recovery phrase (this is why it is necessary you set up when signing up for a bitcoin wallet.).
>>Enter your email and set new wallet password
See images below for details.

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