How to become a guider on MMM United.

MMM United has over 5 million active global participants trading the world’s most valuable currency, bitcoin, on daily basis. Its global appeal and the huge demand for bitcoins make it an obvious choice for anyone who understands the principles of making a smart investment. Like a always say, hard work pays but smart work pays better.

 Just yesterday, MMM Nigeria “opened the gates” to its guider school amidst the controversy surrounding its decision to freeze participants’ mavros for a month and within hours, over 10 thousand applications were received, exceeding the expected numbers and causing the system to automatically shutdown. With the few guiders available on MMM United, many of whom have been found and are still being found wanting in times of need, and its mammoth global followers, would it not be awesome becoming a guider? It sure will, my dear. You need not be told how much these guiders make on weekly basis. I have no problem with that anyway, as long as they are accessible when needed, not like that absentee guider, Sadiq. 

The requirements for becoming a guider on MMM United are quite simple. All you need to do is have five referrals who have provided help and each of your referrals should at least have one referral who must have provided help. So, in a nutshell, you MUST have ten active participants on your team in the order stated above. After that, you need to go to the MMM United fan page on Facebook and write review worthy of five-star ranking and upload an MMM United global appeal video to YouTube. Links to the review and global appeal video will be required while filling out the guider form. You are also required to have a Skype account which will be used by you to receive lectures.

If you meet the criteria stated above, then it is time to register for the MMM United guider school. To register for MMM United guider school, do the followings:
>> visit
>>on the home page, click on news
>> Click next until you see “MMM United: we are now accepting application for guider panel”. Click on the link under it and fill out the forms. All the requirements stated above will be listed out. Ensure you read the terms and conditions stated on the form very carefully before proceeding to fill out the form.

There you have it guys, it is that simple. For questions, please leave a comment or send an email using the contact us form. Thanks for reading and dont forget to like our page. Stay safe.

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