MMM United: what you must do when providing help

Abraham Lincoln said “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. This iconic statement is the perfect representation of the level of preparation required to surmount the quagmire occasioned by the lack of information on what is expected of every mmm united participant. It is a shame that though there are some guiders on this platform, but having access to them when in need is like having a camel passed through the eyes of a needle. Some of the mistakes that could have been avoided by having access to the guidance of a guider include non-verification of wallet ID before getting help, Cashing out on Mavros before its maturity date thereby stopping its growth, uploading the wrong Transaction ID, etc.
With this highly needed information not forth-coming from those saddled with the responsibility of disseminating such information, I have taken it upon myself to help guide the readers of this blog who are participants on mmm uinted on what must be done when getting help so as not to surfer the same fate with others who have made similar mistakes.

Confirm your Wallet ID:
When you register on mmm united, you are required to enter your wallet address. Your wallet address is like your bank account. That is where your bitcoin is stored. It is the address that will receive your bitcoin when you GH. Some participants while typing in their wallet addresses either entered a wrong value or omitted one or two values. Wallet IDs are to be copied because of the length. When you type it in, chances are you will make mistakes. Similarly, anyone who hacks into your mmm united account will immediately change your wallet address. So, just before you GH, confirm that your wallet ID is what you have there.

How do I confirm my wallet ID?
To Confirm your wallet ID, simply click on the account button in your personal office on mmm united, copy the wallet ID showing there, go to blockchain, click on login, paste the wallet ID where you are asked to enter your wallet ID, enter your password and see if it logs you in. If it does, then you have the correct wallet ID, else, you need to change whatever you have there to the right wallet ID.

What should I cash out?
To best explain this, I am going to tell a true-life story. A very ardent reader of this blog registered on mmm united and provided a help of $100 and was given a $5 speed bonus, $20 anniversary bonus, and $15 referral bonus. 14 days after he provided help, he felt it was okay to pull out all the bonuses and leave the $100 deposit till the end of the 30-day cycle. So he went in and cashed out all the bonuses but unfortunately that act put a stop to the growth of the $100. The mavro which was at $120 at the time he cashed out remained that way till the end of the 30-day cycle. His only sin was that he cashed out on the deposit. So, the lesson here is that if you do not want to withdraw your deposit, don’t cash out on it because once you do, it stops growing. Only cash out on the bonuses you want to withdraw.

How do I get my transaction ID?
The transaction ID is your proof of payment. MMM united will use it as a verifying factor to authenticate your claim of payment. After you have successfully transferred some mavros (bitcoins) to a recipient, you are required to copy the receiver’s wallet address and paste in the the search window on to see the transaction ID. The transaction ID shows up at the left side of your screen and is longer than the wallet ID. See here for how to generate your transaction ID.

These mistakes listed here and more can be avoided if participants are well informed but unfortunately ghost mode is the case. To stay ahead, always visit this blog and feel free to drop your questions in the comment section and please like us on Facebook. Stay safe.

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    • FAKE HASH?
      The participant needs to send in ONE support ticket from their account …. using subject "Sender attached false screenshot of payment" with the "R" number of the Banner and then up load a screen shot of the support ticket in the message area showing them they are reported and will be blocked/banned from MMM United. Here is what might happen: if you confirm…you get no payment … if you don’t confirm you might be blocked until CRO inspects the situation – they need to check to make sure you are not getting a double payment. CRO is watching out for the scammers.


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