How to take a screenshot on your computer

So many mutual fund participants have had to put up with the 5.0-inch-or-less displays of their mobile phones for their online transactions rather than luxuriate in the opulence of the 15-inch-and-above displays of their computers. A mobile phone’s display is small and consequently, makes objects to appear very tiny to the eyes. The possibility of making a mistake when using it for online transactions is very obvious and this has been seen severally in participants who cashed out on the wrong mavros, thereby putting an end to their growths before the end of the 30-day cycle. One of the reasons most people give for their choice of mobile devices for online transactions is the perceived difficulties in taking the required screenshots needed to complete a transaction, especially on MMM, on their computers.
In this piece, I will show you how easy it is to take screenshots using your computers, making your online transaction experience as seamless as it should be. Lets jump in!

>>Open to the page you want to “screengrab”.
>>Press the “prt sc” button on your keyboard, for newer system. If you can’t find the key on your        keyboard, simply press “Shift+Control+Print” key combinations.

>>Open paint. To do this click on search and type in “paint”and hit the enter key

>>when the paint application opens, press ctrl+v key combinations to paste. In the paint application, you can use the crop future to trim off the part of the image you don’t need. The resize button is used to reduce the size of the picture, while the rotate button is for rotating the image to your preferred position. Once you a done editing the image, click on file and choose “save as”, give the image a name and save to your preferred destination e.g desktop.

There are also features for adding  and erasing texts, as well as shapes of different types for highlighting portions of documents that want readers’ attention drawn to. If you are yet to try this out, go ahead and try it out immediately after ready this piece and you will be wowed by the experience. If you have any questions on this and others issues, please feel free to use the comment section or alternatively, you can send us a mail through the contact us form. Thanks for reading and stay safe.
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