How to use Whatsapp on your computer.

Would it not be awesome if you could work and chat on WhatsApp at the same time without the ineptitude that comes with frequent handling of your phones while you work? It gives a bad impression of you when you alternate between your phones and computer; replying WhatsApp messages while working. What happens to the smoothness and snazzy feelings that come with doing it all in one place-your computer. Yeah! You may have heard it before but here, am going to show you how easy it is to set it up. Lets jump in!

On an iPhone:

>>Open your WhatsApp application on your phone.
>>Click on settings

>>Click on WhatsApp Web/Desktop

>>Open from your computer’s web browser
>>Hold your phone across the screen of your computer to capture the barcode and your WhatsApp will automatically be displayed on your computer’s screen.

For Android, the steps are slightly different. Find below:
>>Lunch WhatsApp on your phone.
>>Click on the icon highlighted in the image below.

 Click on WhatsApp Web as shown in the image below.

>> Go to on your computer’s web browser and hold your phone across the screen to scan for the barcode.

Now, you can chat-send images and reply to urgent messages- without lifting your phones. Who is smarter now? Your boss of you?
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