Stop unsolicited messages on your phone: how to set up MTN DND mode.

Nothing annoys me like getting a message that says text account to 3266 to get accounting tips. This is just one in a million text messages we receive from our service providers. Who learns accounting via text messages?  The management of Airtel recently found themselves in hot soup when they were asked to pay a customer the sum of 5 million naira for privacy violation.
MTN introduced some measures to control or at worst put an end to the influx of these messages. A lot of people have been complaining about this messages even though the MTN do-not-disturb (DND) mode has been around for some time now. Maybe because our services providers are not advertising it well enough. After all, this means has been one of the channels for money-making. So closing it means less advertising revenues.
If you are on MTN network, this is how you can stop those annoying messages from dropping on your phones:

Text HELP to 2442

Then reply by texting STOP to the same 2442 at no cost. That will put an end to all forms of annoying messages asking you to subscribe to all manner of services. You also have other options just in case you want to allow some messages while blocking others. If you want to know if you are already subscribe to the service, just text STATUS to 2442.

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