Simple way to back up and restore your configurations on Mikrotik routers.

For those that don’t know how to back up and restore configurations on a mikrotik router, it gives me so much joy to know that you don’t know because that leaves me with the rare opportunity to teach you. At a job interview sometime ago, I was asked “what do you consider the most rewarding aspect of your job?” It did not take my a second to reply “the joy on a client’s  face when am able to solve his/her problem” And believe me that was all the HR manager needed to hand me the job. Anyway, enough of my job interview experience. Here is how you can backup and restore configurations on your Mikrotik router. No matter the model of mikrotik router or RouterOS you have, the procedures are the same.

First, you have to log on to the router
==>click on the file menu
==>click on backup
==>type in the name you want to give the file(optional)
==>type in the password(optional) 
==>click on backup
Locate the file and drag to your desktop.
That is how easy it is to back up your configuration on a mikrotik router. While a copy is held on the router, you have another copy on your computer should the router crash.
Now, to restore the configuration. Let us imagine that something weird happened to the router. It crashed and you need to get it replaced with the exact model and also need to replicate the configuration you had on the crashed router on the new one, all you need to do is click on the file menu like we did before and drag the file we dragged to the desktop back into the file list. After that, click on the file to have it highlighted, then click on restore. If you put a password on it when backing up, you will be required to enter the password, after which you click on restore. The router will reboot and come up with the old configuration.
As easy as this is, most network engineers and administrators do not back up their configurations. Disaster recovery should be uppermost in your mind if you desire a career in network engineering.
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