How to Install Mikrotik Usermanager.

I am going to divide this post into two parts. One will be on downloading usermanger, configuring hotspots and radius server, while the other part will be on how to install Mikrotik usermanager. So here we go.

This configuration will help us allocate internet access to users based on data or on uptime. To do this, you will have to download and install the usermanager software. Go to here, click on extra packages to download. Once downloaded, open it, locate and drag usermanager to the file menu of your mikrotik router (log in via winbox, click on file to open the file menu), then reboot your router. At this point, you will have usermanager show up in your system packages. Click on system, packages to see if yours is there. Note that for it to work your routeros must be same version as the usermanager downloaded.

Next, go to your router and set up radius

Then, still on radius…

Next, we configure hotspot.

From hotspot setup, just follow the steps. Make sure to enter the router’s LAN IP address of your hotspot DNS. ¬†Remember to uncheck cookies, set the shared users to 0 then double on hotspot profile and do as highlighted below.

To be able to access usermanager via http, you need to change the port number to anything else other than the usual port 80. To do this, follow the steps below.

Now, to access the usermanager page, open a web browser, enter an address like this The ip address should the IP on your router.
Ok! Thats it. My next post will be on creating users in usermanager for data or uptime access. Username is admin, password is blank. Watch out for the concluding part of this post.
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One thought on “How to Install Mikrotik Usermanager.

  • Hello, can you help with a step by step guide to creating hotspot on mikrotik.

    I am able to but nothing is showing under Active. Also, I am not seeing the SSID of the hotspot so I can connect to it.


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