Hotspot Setup on Mikrotk

Setting up hotspot on a Mikrotik router can  be straight forward if you know what you are doing. First all, make sure all the basic IP configurations have been correctly entered after which you follow these easy steps:

Click IP,hotspot, then hotspots setup…

Click on hotspot setup, choose the the interface you are setting the hotspot on, and keep clicking through. Some of the details to enter include the address space, the DNS server. The SSL certificate can the left to none.

Leave the SMTP server at default. If everything is set up correctly,you should see a message like the one below.

Now to set the password for hotspot users, follow the steps in the image below

First, you click on ip,then hotspot,click on Users,and double click on the highlighted texts. Now you can change the username and password for the hotspot. You can create more users by clicking on the red plus sign at the top left corner of the dialogue box. At this point, your hotspot is ready to be used. Just before your first login, you need to set the number of shared users to 0 else, your hotspot can only allow just one login at a time. To do this, follow the steps below:

Now, you can login. Make sure there is an internet connection. Open a web browser and enter a URL.You will be redirected to your hotspot login page.

If you followed the steps correctly, congratulations!!! You have successfully set up a hotspot.

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