How to build a custom wireless radio with Mikrotik Routerboard

The Routerboard is Mikrotik’s proprietary hardware on which the Mikrotik Router OS is installed. The company has so many variants of the routerboard  accompanied with other hadware components like wireless cards, pigtail antennas and POE adapters, to make complete hardware deployed as core routers or as customer premises equipment by internet service providers. For this post, I am going to focus on how we can build a custom radio (CPE) using a routerboard.

What are the requirements ?
>>Routerboard: RB411
>>Casing: Poynting
>>Pigtail: mmcx to N female bulkhead wireless connector
>>Wireless card: mini pci 350mw

>>POE adapter: passive POE injector

Having got these requirements, assembling your custom wireless outdoor radio is straight forward.
First, we fix the pigtail to the antenna panel on the poynting enclosure.

 Next, we fix the the RB411 RouterBoard on the antenna panel, insert the wireless card, connect the earth cable and screw.The pigtail is then connected to main on the mini PCI. There are two provisions there. The other one is auxiliary. Make sure you connect your mmcx to N female bulkhead to the main and not the auxiliary.  

Finally, we close the enclosure and screw to leave us with a powerful tool configured to withstand tough humidity.
Now, unlike to the Mikrotik sxt shown in the image below, any faulty component in this radio can be easily replace without having to replace the whole radio. This saves you money and helps grow your business. These radios are most often deployed by internet service providers for accomplishing point to point or point to multi-point setups.

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