How to queue customers to subscribed bandwidth on Ubiquiti PowerBeam

Ubiquiti Powerbeam can be used to extend your network from one point to the other, either in Point-to-point or Point-to-multipoint. However, some wireless ISP engineers, especially those used to the simplicity of performing such tasks on Mikrotik, have complained about not being able to queue customers to their subscribed bandwidth on Ubiquiti Power Beam. In this simple demonstration, I want to share with us on how easy it to queue customers on Ubiquiti Power Beam.

When using the Ubiquiti Power Beam as customer premises equipment, the device, configured as a station will have two networks; the WAN and the LAN. To ensure that customers do not exceed their subscribed bandwidth, the LAN subnet must be queued, but in this case and unlike on Mikrotik, the feature to use is traffic shaping.

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Queue customers on Power Beam.

The process is not different on other Ubiquiti devices. First, IP addresses must be configured on the WLAN0 and LAN0 interfaces, a default gateway must be assigned, and dhcp enabled for LAN users.


How to configure Ubiquiti PowerBeam
Image showing configuration on Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 400

To queue customers to their subscribed bandwidth, expand the traffic shaping submenu, under the advance tab, check the box to enable traffic shaping, choose the interface, preferably the LAN0 interface, and enter the rate for ingress and egress ( upload and download). You can enter details in the burst field for customers you want to exceed their subscribed capacity when the link is congested. For example, a customer on 2048Kbps (2Mbps) can be allowed to burst up to 4096Kbps (4Mbps) when utilization is up to 2048Kbps. Click on add.

queue customers on Ubiquiti PowerBeam
Image showing how to queue customers on PowerBeam


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