LindaikejiTV:two sides of a good product.

Lindaikejitv went online yesterday, the 8th of June, 2018 and given the buzz that the launch had generated, many users could not wait to sign up to it. I was one of the very first people to sign up and subscribe to it. The review you are about to read is a product of my experience so far on Lindaikejitv.

When Linda Ikeji launched the lindaikejisocial, a social media platform said to be Africa’s own version of Facebook, I was one of the very few tech bloggers who wrote reviews on it, howbeit the backlash received. Read here. Almost two years down the line, everything said in that review has come to pass and that platform has been swept into oblivion. Now, with the launch of Lindaikejitv, more questions are being asked. Has Linda made same mistakes? Has she learnt her lessons? Grab yourself a seat because you are about to read one of the most constructive and unbiased reviews out of Naija.


The site is incredibly fast! For a site with the volume of media that have been uploaded to Lindaikejitv, if not carefully optimized, pages will take minutes to open. Even though the site experienced a huge volume of traffic in hours following its launch, caused obviously by too many people trying to sign up, the speed was superb and signing up was easy and straight forward. Compared to what was experienced on Lindaikejisocial, this is a lesson well learnt.

Email confirmation on Lindaikejitv

The email confirmation works perfectly. So many users, including myself, complained of not getting the confirmation email needed to finalized sign up on Lindaikejisocial. It was good to see that such experience has been improved upon on Lindaikejitv. It took me less than two minutes to sign up! I commend the team on this feat.

Subscribing to Lindaikejitv

Another aspect I found interesting and worthy of mention is the subscription process. Whether it was deliberate or not, I appreciate how simple the subscription process is; with just a few clicks, you are done. No too many details to provide. However, I would like for other forms of payment to be included since the platform is open to people outside the shores of Nigeria. Options for Paypal, bitcoin and other globally recognized forms of payment should be included. Having subscribed, your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of each subscription. Auto-renewal can however be turned off by going to my account, then settings and turning off the auto-renewal button.

Subscription charges on Lindaikejitv

The subscription charge is fair enough. At 1000 Naira, you get to watch all contents for one month! I think Linda has done well by not introducing bouquets. Every subscriber has access to all contents throughout the validity of their subscription. No premium packages or what have you.

Lindaikejitv contents

While many see this as a platform airing over 90 percent of contents from Africa to the world, what is obvious is an attempt to change not only the medium of content delivery, but also, the method of content generation. While I have only seen a few of the contents on Lindaikejitv, I must say this platform presents a breakaway from the norm. However, one cannot ignore the lack of funding ( or rather, the deliberate act of not wanting to spend money on productions) as evident in some of the contents I have seen, like King Toto, Gidi Girls of lagos, and Highway Girls of Eko.

While the Highway Girls of Eko which is considered a reality show comes off as a Nollywood movie, the Girls in Gidi Girls of Lagos filmed an episode sitting in a lounge in Quillox with accent not close to reality. Although the Rise and Grind of Ice Prince shows signs of promises, from the thriller, episode one is nothing to write home about. In episode 1 of King Toto, there is only one apartment; Tonto’s apartment. While Tonto’s realness in her show, as displayed in the scenes filmed in a local market, is commendable, more actors need to be featured.

The sad reality is that seasons of these shows may have been filmed and if subsequent episodes are like the ones I have seen, many people will feel disappointed.


Branding a business is a key factor for businesses that intend to transcend generations. In the tech industry, business names play a key role in the survival of such businesses. No wonder it is very unlikely to see giant tech companies being named after anybody. From Google, to Facebook, to Netflix, these businesses are given short names that do not represent anybody. Why Linda has succeeded as a blogger, she has not been able to take away her “person” from her brand. A blog is a personal thing and as such, it is okay to have it named after yourself but for a media platform, it should rather be a name short enough to remember and easy enough to pronounce, irrespective of where you are from.

This review was done based on a personal experience of the writer on Lindaikejitv and portrays no antagonism towards Linda Ikeji or her brand.



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