Android Oreo coming to Lenovo K8, K8 Plus and K8 Note

If you own any of these Lenovo phones: the
K8, K8 Plus or K8 Note, then there is a reason for you to rejoice because
Lenovo just revealed on its website that these three devices will be updated to
Android Oreo, making them eligible to receive all the latest security updates
and features of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

the only snag to this news is that users will have to wait till next year to
get the Android Oreo updates. The K8 is first in line to get the update in June
next year while the K8 Plus and the K8 Note will be eligible for the update a
month later.
The K8, K8
Plus and the K8 Note are the only Lenovo devices that have been confirmed to
get updated to Android Oreo. Hopefully, more Lenovo devices will follow shortly
after these ones.
Android Oreo updates on these devices does not come as a surprise to me, giving
that the three devices run a near-stock version of Android, which makes the
update pretty easy to prepare. Devices with stock Android are usually the first
to get the latest version of Android operating system. This is why Google
devices like the Nexus and Pixel phones are very popular among Android phone

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