How to make your data last for you and speed up your phones: Tecno HiOS.

If you reside in a
developing country where access to the internet is still a luxurious privilege
that everyone can’t afford, especially in Nigeria, where the telecommunication
service providers are constantly tweaking and fiddling with data charges like a
dubious fuel attendant would on a fuel dispenser, then this post is for you. One
of the earliest disadvantages of the android OS is its penchant for background
application updates. While this was done in good fate to keep your smartphone
apps up to date, guarding against different forms of cyber  attacks out there and bringing about seamless device
operation, it has however, brought unprecedented expenses in the amount that
android users spend on data charges.
Background app update is
only a mention on the list of resource-consuming processes on an android device
that can lead to untimely exhaustion of your data and slowness of your device.
Keeping applications on auto run even when their services are not required can
also lead to data and memory wastage. System applications are the only apps
that have the non-negotiable right to run at startups and all through the
system life cycle. As a user, it is advisable to run only needed applications
and only when needed. This will not only save you data but will free up your
internal memory, making sure that the RAM is reserved for the applications that
need it. This way, your device becomes optimized for speedy operation.
The Tecno Mobile’s HiOS
provides very-easy-to-use features that help you do all these and more, but
like every other thing that came before it, humans never pay attention. SMH.
To save your data on a Tecno smartphone running the HiOS, you need to perform these simple tasks:
>> Open the Hi
Manager application
>> Tap on Data Traffic
>> Tap on Network
>> “Uncheck” apps you
do not want to give internet access.

You can always come back and
enable internet access for any disabled app whenever internet access is need for such application.
To stop some apps from
running, thereby freeing up your RAM for more serious tasks, do the following
simple tasks:
>> Open the Hi
>> Tap on App
>> Tap on Freeze App

>> Tap on the plus
sign and add the apps you want frozen. 
There you have it. It is that quick and easy. Thanks for reading this post and as always, stay safe.
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