How to access Fortigate GUI on GNS3

Fortigate GUI on GNS3 allows you to perform basic to some advanced-level device configurations using the GUI. Although it comes with an evaluation license that lasts for 14 days, the FortiOS on GNS3 should be enough to get you started with learning how to configure and deploy Fortigates.

To be able to use Fortigate on your GNS3 platform, you would need to download the GNS3 appliance on GNS3 market place and import it to your GNS3 that is already configured with a GNS3 VM. On GNS3 market place, click on appliance and search for Fortigate. Download and import to GNS3.

Fortigate GUI GNS3 Setup

To access your Fortigate GUI on GNS3, you will need to connect an interface of your Fortigate to the GNS3 cloud module, start up all devices, access the Fortigate via the console and configure the port connected to the cloud module as a dhcp client. Once the port is dynamically assigned an IP address, open up a web browser and type in the assigned IP to access the GUI. Enter admin as your default username and leave the password field blank, hit the enter key and there you have it!. See commands below as guide.

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config system interface 
edit port1
set alias Management
set mode dhcp
set allowaccess ping https

Use the commands below to verify the dhcp-assigned IP address.

config system interface 
get port1

Now that you have seen the assigned IP address, simply type it onto your web browser to access your Fortigate GUI on GNS3.

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