Bill Gate regrets over the ctrl+alt+delet key combination

World’s richest man and founder of Microsoft,
Bill Gate has apologized for the number of keys you have to press when starting up your computers. The billionaire tech guru admitted on Wednesday that the
control+alt+delete key combination is clumsy and wishes he could change it.

“If I
could make one small edit, I’d make that a single key,” Gates said
Wednesday on a panel at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York
Bill, who
had made a similar confession in 2013, blamed the choice of key combinations on
could have had a single button. But the guy who did the IBM keyboard design
didn’t want to give us our single button,” Gates said at a Harvard
University event at the time.
giving that you only have to press a single key on Apple’s Mac computers to start up, we can understand why Bill is concerned about this now. Don’t worry
Bill, let Apple do Apple while Microsoft do Microsoft and we will all be
alright. We gon be aiit!!!

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