Mikrotik wireless: What to do when you have zero upload with good download on a wireless link

Wireless connectivity is fast
becoming the ideal way of connecting multiple sites within a city together.
Reasons being that it is cheaper and easier to deploy, compared to fiber. But
just before you get out there to get a pair of microwave radios to connect your
home to your office network, I have to let you know that there are some issues
that can give you a grief on a wireless link and one of such is when your
upload capacity on a wireless link is zero.

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While most of the issues experienced on wireless link, especially on the
unlicensed 5Ghz frequency spectrum, is interference, on rare occasions, the
quality of power supplied to the radio have been found to impact link
performance. Sadly, this can only be learnt by experiencing it as there is
hardly a material out there that explains this.

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The problem
A wireless connection between an AP and a station has been established
with the estimated TX and RX rate observed to be at least up to 48Mb, however,
the link records 0 upload and disconnects when a bandwidth test is done even
though it records excellent download speed. What could be wrong? If you are
faced with this, you are likely experiencing a transmission issue. Every
wireless radio needs a certain amount of power to be able to transmit. This
power rating can be found on the accompanying power adapter.

The solution:
If you are experiencing poor to zero upload on your wireless link, kindly
note that one of these or a combination of two or more of these, at the end of
the connect where the upload is zero, could be the reason:
>>Damaged wireless card
>>Bad POE adapter
>>Poor power quality
What to do: 
One or a combination of the following will resolve the issue. Note that
since there are two radios involved in any wireless link, the fault correction
should be at the end where poor upload is recorded. For example, if A and B are
connected and B can record excellent download speed, it therefore means that A has
good upload speed because it is what A sends that B will receive. But if B
records zero upload speed, then the fault correction should be done at B.
>>Change your main. That is, plug the radio to a different power
>>Change the POE adapter
If the first two steps above did not solve the problem, though I believe
it should, then proceed to step three.
>>Replace your wireless card, if the radio can be opened, else,
change the radio.

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This post was borne out of the personal experience of the writer. The
problem was solved by simply changing the power source. Please share your

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