Video: Face ID on iPhone X failed when used on identical twins. It only took less than 30 seconds to break in.

the launch of the iPhone X back
in September this year, Apple did encourage anyone with an evil twin to think
about using the passcode instead of the Face ID. However, what they did not
tell us, is how simple it is for someone who is a twin to break into an iPhone
belonging to his/her identical twin.

a video posted on YouTube, two sets of identical twins were used to demonstrate
how ineffective the Face ID can be when used for access authorization on
identical twins. In the video, the facial attributes of one half of each pair of
twins was registered while the other half tried accessing the phone using the
Face ID, and just like it would on the owner, access was granted. See video
Just imagine! I know this won’t change people’s opinion about the iPhone X
but looking at how easy it is makes me feel bad. After the talks of
“revolutionizing the way we use of phones.” One of the twins even
said the iPhone X is not twin compatible! Lol. If you are an identical twin
whose other half is alive and nearby, then the iPhone X is not for you, unless
you share everything with your twin. You might as well go for the iPhone 8 or
iPhone 8 Plus since the Face ID is the differentiating factor.
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