See how much it cost Apple to make the Apple iPhone 8 plus. You will be amazed.

Without doubt, the Apple iPhone 8 plus is definitely one
of the best smartphones out there, even though the excitement over the coming
of the iPhone X has eclipsed its sales. It comes with a 5.5-inch multi touch
display at a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, dual 12MP rear cameras
and a 7MP front camera, 3GB RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage memory. All these
and more put together will cost you about $949, but how much did it really cost
Apple to put these together?  Let’s find out.

According to CNN, the total amount it cost Apple to put
together the 256GB model of the Apple iPhone 8 plus is $367:50. Below is a
breakdown of how much each unit cost.
Display: $43

Battery: $4

Cameras: $37

Modem: $59.50

Audio: $12

Sensors: $13

parts: $199

Total: $367.50
price: $949
See video from CNN

Can we now say that the iPhone 8 plus is over-priced? I leave that to you. Let’s know what you think.
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