Apple launches the next generation iPhone today. What to expect.

it’s about to go down!” Today, the 12th of September, 2017, is the day the
much anticipated iPhone X gets unveiled to smartphone lovers world over. With
the sad memory that September 11 brings around the world, Apple deserves some
commendations for choosing a day after to put some smiles back on people’s
With the advancement in mobile phone
technologies, as experienced on some flagship devices like the Galaxy S8, Moto X4,
Xiaomi MiA1, it will not be out of place for Apple fans to expect ” the
head of John the Baptist” from Apple. After all, Apple prides herself as the industry pacesetter. With the launch about to commence any moment from now,
what really do we expect from Apple? Lets see below:

Design: Apple has always used the LCD
display on its previous iPhone versions. This has always been seen as a
shortcoming when compared with the high resolution OLED on Samsung flagship
Galaxy S8. On the positive side, it made the cost of replacing a damaged iPhone
screen cheaper that those of the Galaxy brands. This is about to change as we
have it on good authority that the new iPhone X sports an OLED
near-edge-to-edge display. The phone is all glass, save for the tiny bezels
infused into the stainless edges. It comes with a 3D facial recognition sensor for making payments and unlocking your phone even in the dark- thanks to the infrared
sensor at the top right corner of the screen. The popular home button has been
removed to make way for a virtual hone button as well as a tap-to-wake button
on the right side of the device, just like most Android devices. The Samsung
pioneered inductive charging has also be introduced and image qualities have
been bettered with the inclusion of dual high-quality rear cameras with object
detection capabilities, just like the Moto X4.
 The device will run on the newly
introduced iOS 11 and will be powered by faster A11 processor.
As we wait earnestly for the introduction
of this revolutionary device, what are your expectations? Please share. 

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