A look at Apple iOS 11: features and release date.

Apple has officially announced the introduction of the iOS 11,
confirming the rumor that the new iPhone which will be unveiled on the 12th of September will be running on the new iOS platform. The iOS 11 brings more
features to what is generally regarded as the world’s most
advanced mobile operating system, and brings to life what Apple referred to as “
augmented reality in games and applications. The new iOS 11 will run on iPhones
and iPads, further empowering them to do much more.

On an iPad, the iOS 11 will allow you do the followings:

>> Easy Access to all files: The iOS 11 introduces a new feature
to iPad that will allow you bring all your files together in one place, giving
you the ability to quickly access files on your iPad as well as those in apps,
on your other iOS devices, in iCloud Drive, and across other services like Box
and Dropbox by clicking on the folder icon on your home screen.
>> The new dock: this provides iPad users with a new way to work.
Simply swipe.This feature is now available from any screen. It will allow users
to instantly open and switch apps as they work. It also allows you to customize
it with more of your favorite apps.
>> Multitasking: multitasking is a new way to work and collaborate
with colleagues and friends especially now that we are experience a monumental
increase in freelancing. iOS 11 simplifies how you multitask and is equipped
with advanced intuitive system. You can open a second application from the Dock
and both applications will run side by side. You can view both app using split
>> Drag and drop: this allows iPad users to quickly drag any file
from one application to another. You can move anything from anywhere to
anywhere on the screen. Awesome feature, I must say.
>> Apple Pencil: if you are one of those who thought the stylus pen was
going away with the advancement in multi-touch screen technologies, then we are
sorry to see you disappointed. iOS 11 will further empower the Apple pen for
iPad pro, making it more “versatile, powerful and natural than ever.” You can
take/make notes and make beautiful sketches.
>> Instant Markup: allows you to instantly create PDF or screenshot
documents faster by simply picking up your Apple pen, touch it on the screen and
get creative.
>> Instant Notes: no need to unlock your screen; just touch your Apple
pencil on the screen and start taking note and at the end, whatever you create
will be saved in Note app. It’s that simple. Great, isn’t it? I love this one! Don’t miss a moment, especially if you are one of those big-hat-wearing generals that follow Kim Jong-Un of North Korea around, else….nothing. Lol!

>> Apple Pay: this will simply allow you send money to friends just by typing
it in a message.
>> Camera: new filters have been added that will enhance the camera on
iPhone. With a new compression technology that allows you take quality pictures like the ones before but at half the file size.

>> New-look App Store: the app store has been given a new look to help you
find what you are looking for easily. Apple says “ it is the biggest thing to
come to the Apple store since apps”
>> My good friend Siri has been made more natural: I wonder what could more
natural than the present Siri. Apple says the iOS 11 will make Siri more helpful. Siri
will be more “expressive with a new, more natural voice.” It will be more
intuitive, learning about you, and will be able to suggest things to you before
you ask. Communications between you and Siri will be encrypted, making your
personal information safe and secured.

>> Do not disturb when driving: this will stop all forms of notification to allow
you concentrate on driving. Calls and all forms of messages from people trying
to reach you will activate a reply message that will automatically notify them
that you are driving. One word, awesome!
iPhones: iOS 11 will be available for the following phones:
iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus,
iPhone 6, iPhone 5 SE, and iPhone 5S

iPads: iOS 11 will be available for the following iPads:
12.9-inch iPad pro 2nd generation, 12.9-inch iPad pro first generation,
10.5-inch iPad pro, 9.7-inch iPad pro, iPad air 2, iPad air, iPad 5th
generation, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 2.

iPod: On ipod, it will only be available on iPod 6th generation.
The new Apple devices scheduled for release on the 12th of September will run on the new iOS platform and we could see updates to the versions listed above roll out almost immediately. The beta version is out there for download, but of what use is it? 12th is just a few days away, so keep calm and download the full and final released version of the Apple iOS 11 from, hopefully, a day after.
 For more on the features of the new iOS 11 visit Apple Inc

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