The all new iPhone8: Design and release date.

While Apple’s dominance in the smartphone business over the last 10 years has become a common news, the expectation surrounding the launch of a new flagship has never been greeted with so much anticipation as the one currently being experienced gearing up to the release of the iPhone 8. This years makes it ten years since the original iPhone was introduced to us by Steve Jobs on the 29th of June 2007, and  iPhone lovers all over the world are hoping to be wowed with a special edition of the iPhone to mark its 10 years anniversary. If the news coming in are anything to go by, then Apple is coming with a monster of a device that will redefine what an iPhone is. Here are the roundups from what we have heard so far on the new iPhone.


Images coming out of China show what looks like the new iPhone in three different colors:
Champagne gold, White, and jet black. The champagne gold bears close resemblance to the Apple iPhone 7 rose gold, according to Chinese website mydriver which first shared the images. These yet to be verified images show dual-lens back camera and an elongated power button by the side of the device.

The new iPhone is romoured to be in three different sizes. These include the 4.7 inch iPhone 7S, the 5.5 inch iPhone 7S plus and the 5.8 inch iPhone 8. While it is expected that these devices bear similarities in specifications, it is also highly likely that the iPhone 8 will spot more advance and recent technologies.


The new iPhone 8 will spot an OLED display that stretched across the entire front of the device. A major design overhaul is also rumoured to be in the offering as the tech giant is said to be working on an all glass version of its flagship device. 

No home button:
The traditional home button is rumoured to have been removed and replaced with a touch-sensitive digital button. This change to the home button was rumoured for the iPhone 7 but it now looks likely to come with the iPhone 8 model.

Release date:

Going by Apple’s tradition of releasing its latest iPhone in time for Christmas shopping, the release date for the new iPhone could either be September 4th or September 11th. Another report however hints at Apple’s intention to break this tradition and launch the new iPhone earlier.


One known fact for about iPhone 8 is that the new iPhone will not come cheap. Rumour has it that this will be the most expensive iPhone yet and could sell as high above $1000. With a price tag as high as $1000, the question is do you really need the new iPhone 8? Well, when it comes to acquiring the Apple iPhone, it is not just the purchase of a communication device, it a fashion statement and trust your favourite celebrities and all those who can and cannot afford it to embrace it with arms wide open.

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