Happy independence day, Nigeria!

So I have refreshed Google a couple of times and observed the
conspicuous absence of animations or inscriptions that make reference to
Nigeria’s independence day celebration, then it hit me what they say about how
the Agama Lizard fell from the tree, looked to the left and to the right and
observed no one commend him, so he went ahead to commend himself by nodding his
head. If you don’t speak good of your country, no outsider will on your behalf.

Happy independence day to my
beloved nation, Nigeria, the land of my birth, the heart and soul of the
continent of Africa, a rare beauty adorned in the garment of diversity.
Though we have had and still
have our challenges, in it we have found our inner strength. The strength to
dig deeper and realize that for some inexplicable reasons our destinies are
intertwined in a web of brotherliness and unmatched cultural heritage.
Yes, we are nowhere near where
we should be but a heart of gratefulness and gratitude reminds us that we are
not where we used to be. It can only get better.
Once again, happy Independence
Day, Nigeria, from TimiGate. 

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