MMM participants who want to shutdown MMM Nigeria.

While this platform is exclusively reserved for the dissemination of
well-researched ICT knowledge as a tool for bridging the gap between today and
the future, I find it very interesting to make a contribution on the activities
of cyber criminals especially as it concerns their efforts geared at enriching
themselves while plunging millions of Nigerians further down the abyss of financial

When a friend introduced MMM to me back in April this year, every
doubting antidote in my body rose up in defense against what I considered a
financial flimflam. I could not fathom the possibility of being paid 30%
percent on an investment of less than a month. Do you blame me? The government
has controlled our minds, colluded with the financial institutions to rub
millions of Nigerians of their hard-earned money, and made us believe that the
word dividend applies only to politics -dividends of democracy , even though we
hardly see any.
The scheme came at the right time. Brought back smiles to the faces of
so many who lost their jobs as a result of the recession which of course is
just a word adopted by our government to cover up the maladministration it is
known for. Folks are now getting married, buying cars and building houses. All
thanks to MMM. But in our usual way of cutting down the tree before its first
fruit, the criminals, the get-rich-at-all-cost among us have devised means to
profit from the scheme at the expense of genuine participants.
Nigerians do not have anything to loose from their participation in MMM
but have a lot to loose from the disbandment of MMM Nigeria. In as much as I
believe the mmm
website can be blocked
, which I am against anyway, the scheme’s eminent demise is in the hands
of the participants. Yes! You heard me. How is that possible?
Over the years, I have had to deal with the disappointment of not being
able to sign up to so many services online as a result of my location. eBay is
one of those sites that would not allow you access to their resources simply
because you reside in this part of the world. What eBay fears is the smartness
of Nigerians to circumvent their system for personal gain. This is what a few
elements among MMM Nigerian practictioners are up to. These few bad eggs in a bid to
exhibit their usual act of craftiness, have come up with so many pranks to
cheat the system into paying them for the investment they never made. Some of
their pranks are outlined below:
Fake bank alert. One of the requirements for confirming
a payment made to a participant’s account is through the reception of an alert
from the bank. A participant receives an alert notifying him/her of a deposit. The recipient confirms in his/her personal office (PO) and the
creditor becomes eligible for a payment. They now use online bulk sms platforms
to send messages purportedly from banks to fool participants into believing
that payments have been made. A participant who fails to confirm the
authenticity of such messages becomes a victim.

Fake Teller upload: Another method is
through the snapping and uploading of fake payment slips. Bank tellers are taken
from the banks, filled out but never submitted for payment. The tellers are
stamped with fake stamps, snapped and uploaded. A participant who having received an alert supposedly from his bank, upon seeing the uploaded teller,
confirms the payment in his personal office.
Over the years, so many of us have had to endure the disenfranchisement
arising from the nefarious activities of these cyber criminals dwelling with us. Given that MMM is a global system designed to help people make some money
on the side, one would not be surprised if in a bid to save its name and retain
its global acceptance, MMM may decides to shutdown MMM Nigeria.
In conclusion, while it lasts, participants are advised to get online
banking applications on their phones for easy confirmation of payments whenever
an alert is received. 

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