How to shutdown your laptop by closing the lid.

One of the most annoying things I have experienced is having to wait for a slow system to shutdown after a tiring day’s job. There you are waiting for your laptop to shutdown while your colleague is already in the car honking on you to come out. This can go on for minutes especially when the system is performing an update. I know a lot of us have experienced this. Well, there are just a few things you should have done, which I am going to show you right now, to take care of a situation like this.

I am using Windows 10 but the steps are almost the same from Windows 7 upward. To setup your laptop to shutdown when you close the lid instead of waiting for hours to pack your bag because your lap would not just shutdown, simply follow these steps below:

>>>Click on the windows button
>>>Click on control panel or alternatively, you can just type “control panel” into the search pane.

>>>Click on “power option”, as shown in the image above.

 >>>Click on “choose what closing the lid does” as shown in the image above.

>>>Next you have the options of setting it up for both when your system is plugged to electricity and when it is running on battery. The first is for battery while the other is for electricity. Choose the one that you would like. You can even set it for the both if you like. Under either the battery or plugged, beside “when I close the lid” click on sleep, a pull down menu will appear, choose shutdown and click on save changes.
That is it, Just close your laptop and throw it in the bag. It will shutdown on it own.

Macbook image credit: Apple Inc.

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