How to correct keyboard errors on Windows 8

Image showing keyboard

Hello Guys, Lets talk about how to correct keyboard error on Wondows.You got a laptop and everything was cool but just when you pressed the shift+3 keys, the character that appeared wasn’t the # key. All hell is let loose!!! Don’t panic. Trust me. There is no need for that. Why? Because I said so. When you have a US layout keyboard but a UK language setting, then you are bound to experience the problem under consideration. All you have to do to correct this is simply go to the language setting in the control panel and change it to US English. Here is how to go about it:

Click on start
Go to control panel

correct keyboard error in windows
Image showing language options

Click on add language

Correct keyboard error
Image showing language options

Scroll down to English, click on it and choose US English

keyboard error

Click on the US English and click on move up

how to correct keyboard error on windows

Finally,click on the UK English and click on remove

correct keyboard errors

Guys, there you have it. I hope this helps.

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