TVST launches tomorrow. See how to become a TSTV dealer in Nigeria

Telcomsat Limited, owners of TSTV Africa will
formally introduce the much awaited game changer in satellite television to its
super excited Nigerian audience tomorrow. From all the craze and funfair that
have been on-going on Twitter Nigeria, it is clear that Nigerians have long been
in wait for a satellite television provider that will stand up to DSTV. 
What has
baffled me in all of these though is that while everyone is busy rejoicing
about the coming of TSTV Africa from a consumer’s
point of view, no one seems to notice the money-making opportunities that come
with the launch of TSTV. In this article, you will read how to become a TSTV

In a
country of 170 million people scattered across 36 states of the federation incuding the FCT, it is obvious that any service provider aiming to make
meaningful impact with its services will no doubt engage the services of third
party dealers.
dealers have made millions of Naira dealing DSTV, GOTV,
Metro Digital, etc. For a wider coverage and
reach, Telcos like MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9Mobile and the rest have equally engaged
the services of dealers, notable among these dealers is Benjack who is one of
the richest companies in Nigeria.
With the
launch of TSTV slated for the 1st of October (tomorrow), it is advisable for
one to be among the early candidates to register as dealers,
then print your flyers, put together a group of entertainers who would ride
around town in beautifully decorated mini vans notifying people of the arrival
of TSTV, the services it offers, and directing them to your outlet. If your
office is strategically located in the heart of town and well decorated with
TSTV banners and logo, people may see you as the official TSTV outlet in that town.
How do you
become a TSVT dealer? There are three categories of
dealership with TSVT: the super dealer, sub dealer and retailer.
To become
a dealer in any of the above listed categories, you need to do the following:
Have a registered company name
Go to
Click on ‘become a dealer’
Fill out your application form, submit and wait for approval.
commence your dealership application process, click here

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