Whatsapp to finallycommence Adverts placement

If you are one of those that believe that it is actually possible to sustain Whatsapp operation without adverts placement, a notion the world has been made to believe in the past nine years of Whatsapp’s existence, well, you may be surprised by what you are about to read. Whatsapp, which was acquired by Facebook on the 19th of February 2014, has been under pressure from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to “move faster” in generating revenue.

According to yomiprof, “a WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed that the chat app is planning to run ads inside the Status tab of the app. To recall, ‘Status‘ is the second tab you see in your WhatsApp window right between the ‘Chats‘ and ‘Calls‘ tabs.”

You would recall that one of the founders of Whatsapp, Jan Koun, had earlier this year clashed with Facebook board over what he referred to as the popular messaging service’s strategy and Facebook’s attempts to use its personal data and weaken its encryption.

According to a report issued by a Whatsapp’s spokesperson, “WhatsApp does not currently run ads in Status though this represents a future goal for us, starting in 2019. We will move slowly and carefully and provide more details before we place any Ads in Status,”

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