How to fix constant reboot after loading icons in iPhone X

A lot of iPhone X users have reported experiencing their smartphones rebooting after loading icons. First, the screen turns black, then it comes up, loads icons, prompts you to enter your password and then goes off again. This issue is common among users running Apple iOS 11.1.2. If you are one of those experiencing this, there are three simple things you will have to do to resolve this issue and I am going to share them with you.
This issue, from a personal experience, is usually a date and notification problem. To fix it, do the following:
>> The first step is to set the date on your device correctly using this format: day/month/year, for example, 12/2/2017.
The next step is to update your iOS. Thankfully, Apple has just released iOS update 11.2. To update your
iOS go to Settings>>General>>Software update.
reboot on iPhone X


>>Lastly, set your date back to automatic after a successful update.Also see: Apple releases iOS 11.2 with wireless charging support for iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Thanks for reading and please share your experience with us.
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