Tech Story: How I got my adsense showing after it stopped.

to Dean Kamen “Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem,
and a big idea turn into an innovation.” Without an iota of doubt, the
Google adsense program has motivated many to share ideas and experiences with
others. Be you a blogger or a vlogger, we have all somehow, through the Google
adsense program, found that extra push to share ideas and further advance the
transfer of knowledge. So, this morning when I found out that Google ads
stopped displaying on my blog, I felt a bit disappointed. However, the relief
came when I discovered through a friend that it was not peculiar to me, a
lot of people had the same problem.

I logged into my adsense account, the status of my ads showed active but the
ads were not showing. This meant that my account was not suspended by Google.
So what could have gone wrong? I honestly don’t know but here is what I did to
resolve the issue.
simply went into my adsense account, created a new ad and replaced one of my
ads with the newly created one. After doing this, my ads started
there you have it, guys. If you are
presently experiencing this problem, just go into your adsense account, create
a new ad and replace one of your ads with it.   

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