Mikrotik is coming to Africa!!! MUM to hold in Cape Town, Lagos and other cities across Africa.

If you do not know about Mikrotik, well, I feel sorry for you
because you are really missing out on a powerful technology that puts so much
power in the hands of internet service providers to do much more at very low
prices compared to other network gears. Unlike other manufacturers, the Mikrotik
Router OS combines the power of wireless connectivity, network security, and routing in
one box. With a graphical user interface that simplifies configuration for
those not comfortable with the command line interface, you do not go through
the stress of setting up Internet explorer to work with older versions of Java,
Adobe flash, etc, to use its GUI. Enough of Mikrotik RouterOS, let’s talk about
the Mikrotik Users Meeting (MUM).

The Mikrotik Users meeting is the event that everyone who believes in the
development of new technologies and in the potentials of tech startups should
always look forward to. It is like the Cisco Live you have always heard of.
According Mikrotik: 
” This is an
opportunity to learn strategies for deploying new and innovative MikroTik
RouterOS and RouterBOARD hardware applications. Not only existing users of
RouterOS and RouterBOARD should attend this event, everyone with interest in
the latest networking technologies is welcome! “
Presentation will be made by Mikrotik RouterOS
users, sharing their experiences with the thousands that will be participating.
You know what they say, experience is the best teacher. This will afford you
the opportunity to ask those questions about technical issues you have had to
face alone over the years without explanations. One of which for me is, why do I,
sometimes, have to reboot my CPE before the IP addresses on my customer’s
router will be listed in the CPE’s ARP table? I have experienced this issue with
different devices, so I can’t say it was peculiar to a device. I know you too
have questions. Well, you can drop it in the comment box or bring it to MUM, if
you are in Africa.
Meet Mikrotik Sales Team:
If you wish to learn about possible partnership possibilities
(distribution, training, production, etc.) with MikroTik, have questions about
orders or simply wish to meet a representative from Mikrotik sales team in
person – e-mail sales@mikrotik.com to sign up for a meeting. This is your
chance to clarify things in person.
Do you have anything to show others? Are you a
manufacturer of accessories that works just for Mikrotik? Do you manufacture
routerboards, Mikrotik compatible casing, outdoor antennas, etc, this is
your opportunity to show what you have got. Poynting is a South African company
that manufactures Mikrotik compatible enclosures and I am pretty sure they cant
wait to get this party started!

Train the trainer:
If you are interested in becoming a certified
Mikrotik trainer, this is the chance you have been waiting for to receive
first hand training from the OEM and set yourself on the path of financial
freedom. Order your seat here 
The MUM Africa will be holding in the following
>> November 24, South Africa, Cape Town (English). Register here
>> November 28, Nigeria, Lagos (English). Register here
>> January 26, Cameroon, Yaounde (French). Register here
>> January 30, Kenya, Nairobi (English). Register here 
Finally, do you know what I love most about
Mikrotik RouterOS? I do not need to have a contract with renewable yearly cost to
upgrade my OS unlike some people that will ask you to get a contract before you
can download their internetworking operating system AKA iOS, to update an equipment they sold you in the first
place. Side eyes. LOL!!!
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