Use Mikrotik profile tool to manage router CPU usage

Mikrotik profile tool allows you to manage cpu utilization and avoid an overhead on your router’s processor. With hundreds of routerOS features available on Mikrotik routers, it not not unusual to find network administrators activating so many functions on a router- even the ones that are not needed.

One of the features available in the tool section of the mikrotik routerOS is profiler. this feature allows you to see the cpu usage for all processes running in routerOS. By using the mikrotik profile tool, a network admin will be able to identify which process is using most of the CPU resources.

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How to use the Mikrotik profile tool

To find out which of the routeros processes is taking up the CPU, simply click on tool>profile. Select a cpu and click on start. Alternatively, you can select ‘all’ and click on start. This will profile all active cpu usages for available core on the system. See example below:

mikrotik profile toolmikrotik profile tool

You can use the total option to get the sum of all cpu usage.

mikrotik profile tool

Heavy CPU utilization can slowdown the performance of a network device thereby causing slow browsing experience. Having used the mikrotik profile tool to determine the cause of such slowness, attention can be focused on the RouterOS feature responsible for high CPU utilization.

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For example, where the result shows a high CPU utilization caused by multiple firewall filter rules, the rules can then be modified. Multiple firewall filter rules can slowdown your router’s performance.

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