Video: How to add, monitor and manage hosts using the Mikrotik Dude.

Mikrotik dude is one of the best network-monitoring software out there that you can use to monitor your network devices in real time. With a beautifully designed graphical user interface, the dude can scan your network automatically within a specified subnet, and draw out a layout that allows you to monitor network devices based on enabled services, and alert you in event that any of these services stops on any of the devices. The dude can be downloaded for free at
To run dude on a window computer, you will need to download the dude server for windows, after which you run it to install. If everything goes well during installation, then you need to click on the start button, locate and run the application. Once it opens, follow the simple steps in the videos below to add and manage your various network devices on the dude server.
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2 thoughts on “Video: How to add, monitor and manage hosts using the Mikrotik Dude.”

  1. Hello, I have been trying to install the .npk version on a Mikrotik rb750 but it seems not to work. I am doing anything wrong?

    • I would suggest you make sure your routerOS is update, then download the latest version of dude from Go to system>packages to check if your routerOS is up to date.


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