Use Mikrotik dhcp make static to allow static IP on printers and server

Mikrotik dhcp make static ensures that a machine is given same IP address for every dhcp request coming from that machine. When a dhcp server is configured for connected users, one of the challenges an administrator has to deal with is making sure that servers and printers are excluded from the dhcp address pool. This is because IP addresses assigned to these devices should remain the same at all times. Otherwise, network resources on them become inaccessible.

I have read so many stories on the dangers of allowing a dhcp-assigned address on a server. One of such stories is that of a young Indian employee who almost got fired for allowing a dhcp-assigned address on a server. Read here. However, what many do not know is that with Mikrotik dhcp make static, users can ensure that dhcp addresses assigned to printers and servers remain the same for as long as such devices will be on that network.

Parts of the benefits associated with using Mikrotrik dhcp make static is speed and efficient IP address management. In a large organization with multiple servers and printers, statically assigning IP addresses to these devices can be time-consuming.

How to allow same IP on a machine with  Mikrotik dhcp make static

To enable the Mikrotik dhcp make static feature for a connected device, follow the steps below:

1. Ensure that dhcp server function has been successfully configured and that connected devices can acquire IP addresses from the dhcp server.

2. To to IP dhcp lease and identify the device you want to allow same dhcp assigned address on with Mikrotik dhcp make static.

3. Double click on the item to allow same IP on and click on make static.

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See guide in the image below.

mikrotik dhcp make static

The feature binds the device’s mac address to the assigned IP address and ensures that the affected device is assigned same IP for as long as this router remains the dhcp server for this network. Apart from using it on servers and printers, the Mikrotik dhcp make static feature can be used in conjunction with simple queue to restrict devices to certain bandwidth speed and ensure users do not circumvent configured rules by changing device IPs.

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