How I made $8,000 in four days, trading Cryptocurrency

When D’banj, one of Africa’s greatest musical export, said “I get ten million in a week, are you with me”, everyone, including my humble self, doubted him. Even though it was said in the second verse of one of his tracks, Mo gbono feli feli, many felt he went too far with his bragging rights. Well it took me till today to see the truth in D’banj’s statement. While majority believe in the reward of hardwork, the benefit of working smart is unrivaled and in this piece, I want to share with you on how I made over seven thousand dollars in less than four days by trading a non-popular cryptocurrency called E-coin.
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Just so you know, this article is not in anyway encouraging anyone to purchase E-coin in particular but was borne out of the need to encourage young people to embrace the huge potentials that cryptocurrency present through the experience of the writer. That said, let’s move on to my story.

On Saturday, the 2nd of February, 2018, I had over $200 worth of Bitcoin in my wallet and wanted to invest it into a less popular coin after experiencing the drastic fall of Bitcoin from over $19,000 to a little above $6,000. My first destination was There, I looked out for coins listed in the top 100 at considerably low prices.
I found quite a handful. To further aid me in making the right decision, I considered factors like volume of trade within the last 24 hours, market capitalization and the amount of coins in circulation for each of the coins that caught my attention. After due analysis, one coin stood out; E-coin. The price at that time was $5.18 and with $200 I was
able to acquire  about 38 units of the E-coin. In the image below, the area unlined in red shows the price at the time of my purchase.


Crytocurrency graph
Graph showing volume of trade for E-coin
I kept the coins and today, Tuesday the 6th of February, barely four days after, the E-coin rose to over $207, an astonishing 3,408.99 percent increase. I sold quickly exchanged my E-coins at the price of $206 to a coin. The total amount realized from this transaction was 206*38 which equals $7953.67. Considering the fact that I only invested $200 into this and mode profit of about $7,753 makes it more interesting. The image below shows the price, underlined in red, at the time I sold my E-coins.
Cryptocurrency graph
Graph showing the volume of trade for E-coin
Cryptocurrency trading is real and lucrative if carefully studied and practiced. I understand that everyone can’t do the same thing, but if you are one of those that have been playing with the idea of going into it but just do not know how to go about it, look up my earlier post here on how to start trading cryptocurrencies. It is never too late to start and with $100 you can rewrite your own story.


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4 thoughts on “How I made $8,000 in four days, trading Cryptocurrency”

    • Thanks Sammy. I do daily trading a lot. As a matter of fact, I make most of my profits doing that. The key point is to look out for the top 100 coins on, look at their individual market capitalization, volume of trade in 24hr, and most especially, the pattern of the graph (rise and fall). Once you have identified a coin of interest, buy and set a sell order so that the system can sell on your behalf even if you are asleep at the time of rise. Try not to buy when the coin has risen. Always buy when the price is low and buy in large quantity. That way, a rise of $1 can give you up to $100 if you have 100 units of the coin.

  1. In all your trading, remember this simple rule… Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying. In attempt to violate this rule as a daily trader will lead you to loses.


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