Twitter doubles tweet character limit for selected language users

One of my favorite social media platforms, Twitter, has for the first time in history announced an increase in tweet character limit for some of its users. Twitter, known for restricting users to tweets of not more that 140 characters, yesterday announced the decision to double its character count for users’ tweets from 140 to 280.

Twitter was originally designed with conventional SMS in mind. With SMS character limit per page at 160, tweets can easily fit in a text message at 120 characters with additional 20 characters for usernames.

Twitter says it believes the change will be embraced even as industry geeks are concerned that users will see this as a deviation from the company’s core design strategy. As for me, I see this as a long-awaited change. As a matter of fact, it is coming late.

Here is what to do if you are tweeting via SMS: make sure your characters do not exceed 120. Just do that and save us all the headache. Who tweets via SMS anyway. Lol

The change will be available to users who tweet in selected languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It is my belief that more languages will be added as soon as this becomes a success. What do you think ? Let’s hear from you

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