MMM United: what we know.

A lot of people have been sending in questions, wanting to know the true state of things with MMM united. The news of the return of the scheme has generated mixed reactions from both prospective and returning participants. This has been responsible for the optimism cum pessimism being experienced across the community of mmm united participants. Questions ranging from “Is mmm united truly back?”, why is the site inaccessible?, why am I not getting matched?, Why is my GH order taking too long?, etc” In this article, I hope to provide answers to these unending questions. Read on.

Is mmm united back?

First of all, MMM United is back! The scheme on the 14th of January, a day after the re-emergence of mmm Nigeria, released a statement on its official website in which an unreserved apology was tendered to all mmm united participants who were left in the cold all through the period of the ordeal faced by the scheme. The statement further gave weight to an article I had written on the inefficiency of the its support team – read here – by stating that “we ourselves were confused..”. The downtime was said to have been caused by the temporary suspension of mmm Nigeria as well as heavy web traffic on the server.

How can I access the website?

To access the website now, participants need to type and NOT Trying to access the website using the latter would make the site inaccessible to the user. Having successfully accessed the site, there are new rules on how to participate. These rules were born out of the need to manage the skepticism that has been generated by the temporary suspension of the ponzi scheme.

What has changed?

Though it was stated that new rules have been introduced, the only thing that has changed is how a participant can get help. Prior to this time, a participant was free to get all his mavros in one Get help order. Now, that has become impossible as the weekly limit has been perked at 500 US dollars with weekly increase in double of the previous week’s amount. For example, Stella has $5000 dollar in her wallet, she is only eligible to withdraw $500 in the first week, then $1000 after seven days of her initial get help order, and additional $2000 after seven days from the day of her second get help order. The remaining $1500, she can withdraw seven days after the day of the third GH order since her GH limit would have been increased to $4000 by then. So instead of withdrawing the $5000 in one GH order, it takes Stella four weeks to withdraw the entire sum. They have however promised to revert to the old system once the scheme stabilizes.

Why is it taking too long for me to be matched?

Because a lot of participants are afraid of putting their money into the scheme at the moment, get help orders take long to be matched.This is because someone has to provide help for your get help order to be honoured. There have been widespread issues of matched participants not willing to provide help at last. If you have been matched with people who are unwilling to pay you, kindly exercise patience as the system will rematch you after getting such participants blocked.

What is the fastest way to get the scheme back?

The fastest and most efficient way to get the scheme back is to get the guarders to reinvest parts of the money they have made from the system into it. They should be made to PH large amount of money to enable the system pay up doubting participants with pending GH orders. Once participants are paid on time, their faith in the scheme will be re-established and made unshaken, giving them the courage to re-invest and bring in more participants.

What is the way forward?

Fear is the number one enemy of progress. Those that embraced the scheme early made a fortune from it. Taking risk is the number one step to being successful in life. The present instability brought about by the panic among participants is an opportunity for risk takers to invest and start reaping returns on their investments. My advice is that you do not put in a large sum in one PH order since its obvious you can not withdraw it at once. Spread the money across by providing help in modules. Instead of putting in $500, break it down into five PH orders of $100 and spread it across multiple weeks. That way every week you get paid $200 for a $100 PH order, and in the event that anything happens to the system, which I do not foresee, you won’t have all your money tied down. It’s simple, be smart and start working smart now.

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