Five phone habits you must drop this new year.

Mobile telephony has become a part of our existence. Its importance has grown to a level where almost everything revolves around our mobile phones. Mobile phones have moved from gadgets to  fashion accessories, becoming a part of a fashion assemble for any occasion, be it a church service or a wedding ceremony. An outfit is not complete without the confidence that comes with the showoff of a powerful mobile phone all in the name of taking pictures. Mobile phone manufacturers, software developers, telecommunication service providers, phone accessory makers and the users who flaunt these beautiful gadgets have all benefited in no small measures from this fashion evolution, but like every trending topic, it has given us something to talk about – the bad phone habits that must be dropped. Like every bad habit, these ones negatively affect your phone’s battery, processor, screen, in short, they simply kill your phones in no time! See below.

Hotspot: I hardly buy data these days. I just simply scan for wireless hotspots and believe me there are so many open hotspots out there. People, especially android phone users, just simply turn on their hotspots even though they do not know how to keep it secured. In the church, in a taxi, hospital, school, at work, just scan and you will find people broadcasting wireless signals that they do not even need. Apart from running down your battery, assuming that you are smart enough to put a password on it, you are providing an avenue for another mobile user to finish up your data. Please make sure you put a password on your hotspot and be smart enough to turn it off when not in use to save you some battery life. Constant discharging and recharging of your battery will leave it dead in no time. Abeg off am!

Phones on the back pocket: This one goes out to the ladies. I honestly do not know the reason behind this even though it’s kind of sexy because it gets men’s eyes fixed at your “blessed behind”, but I find it extremely unwise and dangerous for you to have your phone in the back pocket of your jeans. Apart from the probability that you may accidentally sit on it and have it shattered, the pressures exacted on it by your “blessed behind” can damage the screen. Put your phone in your hand bag or in a pocket that gives you come allowance. Imagine that you sit on it and it exploded like the Samsung galaxy note 7, how blessed do you think your behind would be? You better get sense o.

Chatting while walking: Except you are ready to go meet the Lord, I see no reason for chatting while walking. Some people take it to the extreme by chatting while behind the wheel. Chatting is addictive. You find yourself totally consumed in it. All you want to do is reply to a message and rightly so, that will be all you need to either take a trip to the mortuary or if you are lucky, take a trip to the hospital. Do not chat while walking or driving. Get home in one piece first.

Facebook messenger and Skype calls: These two applications have voracious appetites for devouring your battery cells. There are other voice over IP applications like Whatsapp, Imo, and Google Duo that you can use for your audio and video calls instead of Skpye and Facebook messenger except where it is necessary to use Skype or Messenger. Skype calls drain batteries so fast and raise your phone’s temperature so high that it can affect your processor. I uninstalled Facebook messenger on my iPhone because I consider it one of the worst software out there. It runs down the battery quickly, downloads all your Facebook chats to your phone without the option of deleting them making it accessible to anyone that has access to your phone, and does nothing that Whatsapp and Co can’t do. If you must chat on Facebook, do it using the website. Having messenger on your phone this year is a bad habit! Yeah, you heard right. Go on and uninstall it.

Overnight charging: Wrong move. Very wrong. What are you doing leaving your phone on charge for a whopping 10 hours? Are you trying to take us all the way back to the dark days? With smart chargers available these days, your phones get fully charged in less than an hour. Leaving your phones on charge overnight gradually kills your battery cells, and when that happens, your fully charged battery won’t last last up to 2 hours even on standby mode. Do the right thing, unplug your phone once fully charged and save yourself some money this new year. 

There are countless phone habits that you have been struggling with. You know they aren’t right but for some reasons, you haven’t been able to drop them. This new year, make plans to drop them. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly smart these days and are quickly affected by the choices we make. Do the right thing and stay safe.

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