Multi-Area OSPF implementation on Mikrotik routers

Setting up Multi-Area OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) on Mikrotik routers involves a few steps. In this post, I will share on the three simple steps that should be followed to implement a fully converge multi-area ospf network on Mikrotik routers.

My devices have been configured with IP addresses only. No routing protocols configured. The objective of this lab is to enable full reachability among the different devices on the network and we will be leveraging the possibilities inherent in the OSPF routing protocol to achieve this.

Multi-area ospf configuration on Mikrotik

There are three things to do to have this implemented on a Mikrotik router. The first thing is to configure your ospf instance. This is similar to the OSPF process ID on a Cisco router. The second is to configure your area ID. The third and final step is the ospf interface template configuration. This is where you enable ospf on an interface on a Mikrotik router and map that interface to an already configured area ID. The steps are sequentially chained – the instance is used to configure the area IDs, and the area IDs are used to configure the interface templates.

The below video, posted on my YouTube channel, explains the steps involved in setting up a multi-area ospf implementation on Mikrotik routers.

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