How to reinstall routerOS on Mikrotik device using Mikrotik netinstall

Mikrotik netinstall is a Mikrotik owned application that allows users to successfully reinstall routerOS on a Mikrotik device. If your Mikrotik device is stock in boot process by constantly trying to boot, it means you device has a currupt routerOS and to solve such problem, you need to reinstall the routerOS through Mikrotik netinstall.

Reinstalling routerOS through Mikrotik netinstall can be quite easy and straight forward, provided you follow the procedure stated out for doing it by Mikrotik. This means that you must have a valid routerOS that matches your device, downloaded from Mikrotik download page, the Mikrotik netinstall application, and a PC connected to the Mikrotik device to be reinstalled using an ethernet/console cable.

Mikrotik netinstall

Reinstall RouterOS using Mikrotik netinstall

The first thing to do is download the current verion of Mikrotik netinstall from the Mikrotik websit. Click here to download it. Once on Mikrotik download page, click on netinstall and select the current version. After downloading netinstall, look for the current version of routerOS that matches your device. RouterOS can also be downloaded from the same Mikrotik download page. Right-click on the downloaded netinstall folder and click on extract all to extract. Choose location to extract to. Assign your device an IP address (, using a straigh through ethernet cable, connect your PC to the ether1 port on the Mikrotik device and launch the extracted netinstall application. For the Mikrotik device to show up int netinstall, the device must be put into ethernetboot mode.

In netinstall, click on netbooting, enable boot server and assign an IP address from same subnet as your PC, select the Mikrotik device, browse to the location of the downloaded RouterOS and select it and click on install.

Mikrotik netinstall

Mikrotik netinstall

After your device has been reinstalled, click on reboot then log in using winbox.

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